WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON September 9, 2010

Gigantor 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame Is A Monitor-Sized Display To Make Your Awesome Unmissable

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15" Gigantor Digital Photo Frame

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The Gigantor 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame helps you really show off your action shots, artworks and achievements, displaying them at a large 15-inches in size.

Pokey little photo frames are fine if you’re going for desktop subtlety, but if you’ve got awesome action shots or photoshop artwork that demands attention – this giant digital photo frame will really put it on display. Called Gigantor, it features a massive 15-inches of screen space and displays your achievements without a computer.

Simply slot in a piccy-filled memory card and the Gigantor 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame will show-off your selected shot at a sharp 1024×768 resolution, plus with built-in speakers and support for 8 different media types – the Gigantor will even playback movies and music while you work.

Bordered with a gorgeous cherry wood frame and including an Infra-Red remote control, the Gigantor 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame is available now from ThinkGeek for the special sale price of $149.99 (usually $219.99).

Now, where’s the RAWRasaurus I drawed? RAWRY.jpg *click* AHHHHH!!!

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $219.99 $149.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek

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