WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON September 16, 2010

ION Block Rocker iPA03 Portable PA System Amps Your iPod, Mic & Guitar For Jam Sessions Anywhere.

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ION Block Rocker iPA03 Portable PA System With iPod Dock

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The ION Block Rocker iPA03 Portable PA System is an easy-carry, battery-powered amp with inputs for iPod, mic & guitar for rich 22W jam sessions on the road.

If you just lurve screaming jamming along with your favorite tunes, this multi-input setup makes it easy – simultaneously amping up your iPod tracks, vocals and guitar/bass/keyboard sounds all in one box. Called the ION Block Rocker iPA03 Portable PA System, it can be run on either mains power in your bedroom or on its built-in battery when you’re ready to take your show on the road – plus with built-in luggage-like wheels and telescoping handle, you’ll be the most professional-looking busker on the block (no shopping trolleys required).

Outputting full, rich 22W high-fidelity sound to over 150 feet and offering up to 12 hours of cordless amplification per charge, the ION Block Rocker iPA03 features a heavy-duty aluminum construction and can be connected to several other iPA03s in series to really blast them block rockin’ beats.

Ideal for traveling musicians, entertainers and event coordinators or just for some fun outdoors, the ION Block Rocker iPA03 Portable PA System includes a professional XLR microphone and is available now (rated 4/5 stars from 55 customer reviews) at Amazon.com with FREE shipping for the special price of $169.99.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Amazon.com
Price: $169.99
Buy Now at Amazon.com

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