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Lappers Non-Slip Dining Trays

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The Lappers Non-Slip Dining Trays hold your plate and glass secure even on a tilt as steep as 30 degrees, virtually eliminating spills when breakfasting in bed.

If your meals taste better in bed or on the sofa, you’ll want one of these food stabilizers called the Lappers Non-Slip Dining Trays. They won’t stop your sauces from separating, but what they will do is keep your plate and glass firmly anchored to virtually eliminate spills. Featuring two removable silicone mats that are so grippy they’ll even secure your dishes on a loopily lopsided 30° tilt, the Lappers Non-Slip Trays are perfect for stumbling post-pub fry-ups breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings. Flying saucers attacking the furniture? No one needs that. Stackable. Dishwasher-safe. $19.95.

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Price: $19.95
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