WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON November 19, 2010

Packable Wine Glasses: Unscrewable, Unbreakable Stemware For An Enjoyable Drop Outdoors.

Packable Wine Glasses

Packable Wine Glasses

Buy Now at Magellans.com
The Packable Wine Glasses are ideal for picnics and when traveling as they're virtually unbreakable and unscrew from their stems for efficient packing.

Wine supped from a disposable cup is NEVER an enjoyable experience, but carting your crystal is difficult and dangerous so what is one to do? This smart stemware called the Packable Wine Glasses provides the solution, avoiding breakages with their virtually indestructible construction and minimizing bulk with unscrewable bowls that clip to their bases for travel. Upside-down, Upside-down.

Looking just like crystal and holding 9.2fl oz/270mls each (a large glass), the Packable Wine Glasses are lightweight, easy to store and assemble and are made of tough BPA-free co-polyester that won’t stain or retain flavors – making them ab fab for enjoying a drop at picnics and barbeques or sampling regional wines when traveling.

Including a mesh pouch and carrying very positive reviews, the Packable Wine Glasses are available now from Magellans.com for $18.85 per pair.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Magellans.com
Price: $18.85 (set of two)
Buy Now at Magellans.com

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