WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 17, 2011

Agent Watch Turns You Into An Undercover Recorder

Agent Watch

Agent Watch

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The Agent Watch tells time with Swiss-Quartz movement, while a 2GB flash memory lets you record up to 2 hours of video and audio. Works with Windows/Mac/Linux.

Ever wish you had a camcorder to record something truly spectacular, or thought about how nice it would be to have video evidence in case things got hairy? The Agent Watch transforms you into a super-spy, with a hidden camera that’s always at-the-ready.

You’ll look classy because the watch has an onyx-finish face and classic art-deco raised numbers contained within a stainless steel housing, and the Swiss quartz movement will ensure you’re it’s always on time (you’re another story entirely).

But the true beauty lies in what you can’t see…

Tucked inside the Agent Watch is 2GB of flash memory, that lets you record up to two continuous hours of color video and voice. You can then play it back with high-quality AVI too, so you never have to wonder exactly what it was you recorded.

The watch also works as a USB storage device and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux – so you never have to feel left out, regardless of which OS camp you belong to.

Turn yourself into a walking, talking video recorder with the Agent Watch for $59.95.

Where can I buy it?
Store: GadgetUniverse.com
Price: $59.95
Buy Now at GadgetUniverse.com

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