WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 14, 2011

Digi-Piggy Bank Keeps Count for You



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Digi-Piggy is a high-tech upgrade from the classic piggy bank that keeps track of your money as you feed the hog, with an LCD display that shows your savings.

Remember the good old days of glass piggy banks? The Digi-Piggy is the 21st century cousin of those disposable money-hogs. I remember fondly those long ago days when I’d see something I just had to have. I’d run home and mercilessly shatter that which held my life savings and – Crap! I don’t have enough money. Well, I’ll just put the money back in the – Crap! – Someone broke my bank.

Digi-Piggy saves you from such wanton acts of porcelain pork slaughter by proudly displaying how much money you have, right on its cute little snout. No longer will the contents of the stingy swine be a paragon of mystery.

The monetarily-inclined Digi-Piggy is available for pre-order for $14.95, so crack open that old-fashioned cob roller and start counting change. See? You wouldn’t have to count if you had Digi-Piggy.

Via: Red Ferret Journal

Where can I buy it?
Store: DigiPiggy
Price: $14.95
Buy Now at DigiPiggy

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