WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 11, 2011

Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Diecast Sonic Screwdriver: A Collectible With A Twist

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Diecast Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who 11th Doctor's Diecast Sonic Screwdriver

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The Doctor Who Diecast Sonic Screwdriver might not let you convert a phone booth into a time machine, but it’s great for those repair jobs around the house.

Doctor Who has it all – a mysterious name, a big blue phone booth that travels through time, pretty ladies always at his side (vote for your fave in the comments!), and a wicked cool sonic screwdriver that can do anything. The Doctor Who Diecast Sonic Screwdriver, fashioned after the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver, might not be able to save the universe but it’s the ultimate collector piece for all true Whovians.

The best thing about this collectible is that it actually works too. Sure, it lights up and makes sounds, but it’s also a real screwdriver… that tightens and loosens real screws. How frickin’ awesome is that?

For just $19.99 (reg. $29.99) you get the perfectly detailed replica, three reversible tips (small, medium, large) for Phillips or flat-head screws, and the chance to feel like a true Time Lord.

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $19.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek
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karen gillan for me

I have to toss in another vote for Billie Piper. She can ride in my TARDIS any time.

Wendy Padbury…do like!

I’ve gotta go for Martha, aka Freema Agyeman. Sexy AND smart… the Dr was mad not to want a piece of that!

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