WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 10, 2011

Etch A Sketch® iPad Case Wraps Technology in Nostalgia

Etch A Sketch® iPad Case

Etch A Sketch® iPad Case

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The Etch A Sketch® iPad Case lets you remember the fun of yesterday while your iPad provides the fun of today.

The iPad is one of the coolest toys around, and sure, the touch-screen is fancy, but can mastering its multitude of functions really beat the childhood thrill of drawing a masterpiece with two simple knobs? Sadly, such dexterity isn’t overly appreciated in the adult world so the iPad has to win out, but Headcase’s officially licensed Etch A Sketch® iPad Case means nostalgia can meet function half-way.

Giving your high-tech iPad that old-timey look by encasing it within impact resistant plastic (red, of course), the Etch A Sketch® iPad Case includes windows placed in such a way that all the ports, switches and buttons are still available. Featuring a felt lining that keeps your iPad safe and rubber feet to keep surfaces scratch-free, the Etch A Sketch® Case also has a retractable kickstand that lets you either lay your iPad flat or prop it up.

The plastic white knobs won’t make any squiggly lines appear on the screen and a shake won’t clear your apps, but $39 lets you remember a simpler time when another thin, rectangular box was the best source of entertainment.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Headcase
Price: $39.00
Buy Now at Headcase

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