WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON February 25, 2011

FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy: Keep Your Feline Friend Fit With Manic Playtime Fun

Lucky Litter TL1 FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy

Lucky Litter TL1 FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy

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The FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy helps your feline friend get active through manic playtime fun, engaging them with a moving laser they'll go nuts for.

If cats could use technology, they’d achieve incredible things. And by incredible, I mean horrendous, because cats are evil to the core. If you own a cat, I’m sure you’re well aware your cat aims to destroy youand then take over the world! The only way to stop this from happening, is by using a defense technology they don’t understand: the laser. The Lucky Litter TL1 FroliCat ┬áBOLT Automatic Laser Toy is what you need.

The FroliCat BOLT is automatic, so you can watch TV or read a book while engaging your cat. Just set it down on any surface, select the 15-minute play session, aim the adjustable mirror at a suitable surface, and watch your cat chase that red dot into delirium. Alternatively, just flick the on switch and control it manually if you want to join the fun.

Remember: the more you distract your cat, the less opportunity it has to advance its nefarious schemes. That’s what the FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser is for. And exercise. Lots of energy-burning, nap-inducing exercise!

Protect mankind from your cat for only $17.99 at Smarthome.com

Where can I buy it?
Store: SmartHome.com
Price: $17.99
Buy Now at SmartHome.com

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