WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 16, 2011

Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer Makes Sure You’re Hot Stuff

Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer

Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer

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The Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer reads surface temperatures of –58F to 1022F from up to five feet away with a laser pointer that assures accurate aim.

Nothing screams king-of-the-outdoors like firing up the grill and tossing some steaks on the fire. The Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer makes grill-mastery simple, by taking the guesswork out of the temperature.

Wondering how hot that pit really is? Just aim the laser thermometer, pull the trigger and watch the temperature pop up on the LCD. It’s a lot safer than putting your hand on the grill to guess the temp. (Hint: if your hand blisters, the grill is hot)

The Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer measures the surface temperature of steaks, cooking pans, BBQ grills – anything – from up to five feet away, and the laser pointer assures pin-point accuracy. Don’t point it at your hot neighbor though, unless you want to use that steak to cover a black eye!

With an LCD showing readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius and covering a massive range between –58F to 1022F, the Infrared Laser BBQ Thermometer will clock just about ANY surface temperature without contact (though it’s not intended to measure the internal temperature of food).

Show off your sizzle and let everyone know how hot you can be for just $59.95.

Where can I buy it?
Store: RedEnvelope.com
Price: $59.95
Buy Now at RedEnvelope.com

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