WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 9, 2011

Anti-Gravity Platform Levitates, Illuminates And Revolves Your Collectibles In Mid-Air

Anti-Gravity Platform

Anti-Gravity Platform

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The Anti-Gravity Platform floats, revolves & illuminates your collectibles in mid-air using the power of electromagnetic forces to display your stuff in style.

One thing the future was definitely meant to bring us was floating things: hover boards, levitating chairs, flying cars and such like. Thank heavens, then, for I Want One Of Those, who have brought us the Anti-Gravity Platform…and saved The Future from being a complete wash-out in the process.

This really is an anti-gravity platform. Okay, gravity is not literally negated, and sure, no anti-matter is involved, but what IS provided is a genuine levitating platform kept up by powerful electromagnets. Stick your ornaments, pet rodents, car keys, photos or whatever you like and wow your guests with what really looks like magic. Or, science from the future.

The Anti-Gravity Platform comes with a globe that showcases the levitation to best effect, allowing a gentle nudge to set it rotating in a perpetual spin. Just like the real Earth! And in case you’re concerned someone might somehow miss this gravity-defying show-piece, it also lights up when plugged into the mains. If you manage to power it using wireless electricity, then it becomes a time-machine. (Possibly.)

Just send IWOOT £49.99 and it’s yours.

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £49.99
Buy Now at IWOOT

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