WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 31, 2011

Giant CupCake Pan Makes Normal-Sized Cupcakes…for Giants.

Giant CupCake Pan

Giant CupCake Pan

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The Giant CupCake Pan is a mega, non-stick baking tin complete w/separate icing mould that gives you the power to create giant cupcakes. What an awesome power!

Who likes cupcakes? Everyone likes cupcakes. If you don’t like cupcakes, you have no soul. Even if you’re diabetic, cupcakes are more than worth forgoing stable blood sugar control for. Yet as great as they are, there is one thing even better than a cupcake. That’s a giant cupcake. Fancy one? Great news: you can make your own with the Giant Cupcake Pan from IWOOT.

How big is a giant cupcake? How about 16cm tall with a diameter of 17.5cm? The only way that isn’t giant is if you’re actually a giant yourself. Then it would be a normal sized cupcake. But if you are a giant, eating a (relatively) normal sized cupcake is probably a novelty anyway.

Of course, cupcakes are all in the icing, and the neater and swirlier the better. With that in mind, the Giant Cupcake Pan comes with a separate icing mould that will help you achieve a consistently neat and swirly topping.

Get the ultimate sugar rush and gain 100 pounds for only £14.99. What better way to work on your muffin-top?!

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £14.99
Buy Now at IWOOT
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Waaaiit, a muffin isn’t the same as a big cupc…” — You say tomayto, I say misnomer.

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