WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 2, 2011

LED Art Canvas Lights Up Your Child’s Imagination

The LED Art Canvas

The LED Art Canvas

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The LED Art Canvas lets kids create bright and colorful pictures, by inserting some of the set's 200 multicolored LEDs into a special reactive canvas.

If you’ve ever let kids try to draw or paint, you’ll know how horrific the results can be: not just the terrible pictures, but also the resulting mess. Paint on the dog, permanent pen on the the face, scribbles all over the wallpaper and pencils stabbed into their eyes – all these consequences put any parent off letting their offspring attempt artistic endeavours. If, however, you still want to let the kids express themselves, the LED Art Canvas is here to give you mess-free peace of mind.

Take the Etch-a-Sketch, make it bright, colorful and fun, and you have the LED Art Canvas. It’s a reactive canvas board that comes with 200 LED pieces and three light strings, which glow with luminous color when attached to the board. The set comes with background templates to start your youngsters off, and can accommodate personalized custom backgrounds as their artistic abilities develop. What your kids do with the LED Art Canvas is limited only by their imagination. (Although be careful – some kids have worrying imaginations…)

The LED Art Canvas has a safe rubber top-surface that insulates the current behind the lights, leaving your kids shocked by their own genius and not electricity. Even if the LEDs get eaten, you can relax knowing that they’ll pass safely out the other end.

The LED Art Canvas is now only $59.95 for kids aged 8 and above, at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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Where can I buy it?
Store: Hammacher Schlemmer
Price: $59.95
Buy Now at Hammacher Schlemmer
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