WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 25, 2011

Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser Turns On Your Condiments

Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser

Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser

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The Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser is a salt and pepper dispenser disguised as a light switch. Turn on salt! No...turn on pepper!

Who invented the light switch? Was it the same person who invented the switch in general? The answers to these questions are not important: what is important is the question regarding who invented the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser.

If you are driven crazy by the need for two separate dispensers to deliver the inseparable condiments known as salt and pepper, and furthermore if you are really into switches, then you’ll blow a gasket for the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser.

It’s a switch all right, but this doesn’t turn anything on or off – unless you yourself are ‘turned on’ by switches that select salt or pepper. On one end you’ll find a ‘P’, and on the other you’ll find an ‘S’. Push the switch to select salt or pepper. Select salt. Then pepper. Or pepper. Then salt. The possibilities are almost endless.

It’s made of plastic, and it’s 2.25-inches long by 1.5-inches tall. Yours for $11.99.

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Where can I buy it?
Store: PerpetualKid.com
Price: $11.99
Buy Now at PerpetualKid.com
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Switching condiments has never been so…literal.

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