WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 4, 2011

ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard: For Serious Typing In Transit

ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard

ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard

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The ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard lets you use your iPad like a laptop with a physical keyboard, and doubles as a handy carry-case too.

iPad users are a curious breed. You see people using iPhones everywhere (probably because as well as being stylish, iPhones are really convenient to carry and use), but iPad users on the other hand are invisible. Why? Because iPads are inconvenient to lug around and the on-screen keyboard just isn’t up to any serious typing. With the ZAGGmate iPad Case and Keyboard however, this problem disappears, leaving the iPad user with nothing to fear but getting mugged.

Slot your iPad into this base, and it’s like you’re typing on a laptop – only one with an ultra-smooth touch screen and all-round Apple-ish sleekness. As well as overcoming the limitations of the iPad, restrictions associated with the traditional laptop also disappear – as your iPad can be mounted on the keyboard in both portrait and landscape orientations. Try to do that with your laptop.

The ZAGGmate’s base itself is also far more forgiving than the underside of any laptop, as it happily sits on your bed-covers, at any angle, and won’t scorch your thighs.

As well as providing a keyboard, the ZAGGmate also functions as an exceptionally thin and sturdy case – which is a far more dignified way of keeping your iPad on your person than wearing trousers with iPad-sized pockets. It’s even constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, so presumably that means it’ll stop a bullet or something.

I Want One of Those is currently letting iPad owners grab these for £84.99.

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £84.99
Buy Now at IWOOT

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