WRITTEN BY Carleton Atwater ON April 9, 2011

Camera Lens Mug is the Perfect Way to Bring Things Into Focus

Camera Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

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The Camera Lens Mug is a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage while letting everyone know your passionate for photography.

We all enjoy some coffee or tea to get going in the morning, and the Camera Lens Mug is a great way to enjoy it in style – whilst letting everyone know you’re serious about shooting.

Designed to look exactly like a real 28-135mm lens, the Camera Lens Mug will help you bring things into focus first thing in the morning – serving up your caffeine fix complete with a lens cover that doubles as a lid and coaster.

Although it can’t be used as a real lens, this mug will surely become a staple of any photographer’s early morning shoots. Best of all, it’s insulated to keep your beverage warm and your hands cool.

At 17.5cm(H) x 10.5cm(W) x 10cm(D), the eye-catching Camera Lens Mug is big enough to hold a full beverage – whether it’s coffee, tea or something cool like water – and can be snapped up at Firebox.com for $24 | £15 | €17.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $24 | £15 | €17
Buy Now at Firebox.com

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