WRITTEN BY Markie Reichert ON April 21, 2011

Intelliscanner Mini Helps Keep Track Of Your Possessions Using Bar Codes

Intelliscanner Mini

Intelliscanner Mini

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The Intelliscanner Mini is a portable organizer for all your possessions and valuables that uses barcode technology to keep track of everything in your home.

Never lose track of your possessions again. Whether it’s precious heirlooms, comic books, or that refined wine collection – there is nothing the Intelliscanner Mini cannot identify and organize.

Managing your media collection is simple. Just scan the bar codes of your CDs, books, movies, video games, and comic books, and the Intelliscanner can access and download information such as album artwork and movie reviews. It automatically organizes all your media, plus you can use your iPhone to check your personal catalog on-the-go through the web-based software – so you’ll never be left wondering “do I already own this album?”

The Intelliscanner is also perfect for insurance or tax use, as after scanning your assets and valuables, it can calculate fluctuations in market value. The device comes with asset tags too for items without bar codes, and you can add photos and purchase dates to further organize your items.

Do you ever wish you could know what you’re going to spend at the grocery store? Now when you make up your list, you can use Intelliscanner to calculate the price of everything you need before going to the store. The kitchen software can also organize nutritional information and recipes.

Yep. It’s a universal tool for organization and money management. At least there are no bar codes on people. Yet… $179.00 at Intelliscanner.com.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Intelliscanner.com
Price: $179.00
Buy Now at Intelliscanner.com

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