WRITTEN BY Carleton Atwater ON April 4, 2011

Palm Pre 2 is the Smartphone for Everyone.

Palm Pre 2

Palm Pre 2

Buy Now at HP.com
The Palm Pre 2 from HP combines all of the hottest and most sought after smartphone features into one slim package that anyone can use.

The Palm Pre 2 from HP combines some of the best features from both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smartphones, into one unique and convenient package. The WebOS platform it runs on is one of the hottest-growing smartphone operating systems available today, and has countless apps available for download to do everything from enhancing productivity, to playing the latest games. With 16 GB of memory you’ll have plenty of space for all your favorite apps, music and movies too.

Billed as the fastest Palm smartphone yet, the HP Palm Pre 2 features a sharp 3.1-inch capacitive multi-touch touchscreen with 320 x 480-pixel resolution – as well as a slide-out keyboard for easier typing. It also includes the stacks interface of WebOS 2.0 that arguably handles multitasking and window management better than any other smartphone on the market, and can serve a 3G mobile hotspot for up to five devices too (with the appropriate data plan) – making it easier to connect your laptop to the internet on the go.

The Palm Pre 2 is available now for just $449.99 from HP.com, with a cool Palm Touchstone wireless charging dock available for an extra $49.99.

Where can I buy it?
Store: HP.com
Price: $449.99
Buy Now at HP.com

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