WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON May 5, 2011

MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask Records ALL The Action…Hands-Free.

MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask

MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask

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The MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask is a hands-free, drop-free action-cam that records all your on-road or off-road adventures in 720p HD.

If you do a bit of dirt bike racing and want an easy way to capture your wicked jumps all rider-POV, the MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask is your man. Completely hands-free, they strap to your head like only goggles can – meaning you won’t risk smashing it off your helmet or handlebars in a spill. Or risk losing that priceless shot of Mr All That in front stackin’ it hard. Man, you meeeeean.

Recording in 720p HD at up to 30fps, the MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask is also good for use on the road, to capture valuable EVIDENCE in an accident or otherwise. My traumatic experiences? Lemme see. Skidded under a truck once! Would have made an awesome video. Oh, and I had a heavy backpack thrown at me too (separate incident). Almost stacked it just sitting at a traffic light! Still lose sleep thinking that monster’s still out there *shakes fist*. If only I had proof, then someone might believe me his bag-throwing days would be more numbered than license plates.

Anyway, the MX Off Road Camera Goggle Mask records to MicroSD/SDHC cards of up to 32GB, can also take 5MP snaps, shoots continuous video for up to two hours on built-in rechargeable Lithium batteries and is available now from IWOOT for £225.00. Get shooting. “POLICE BRUTALITY…you’re gonna regret this…POLICE BRUTALITY”

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £225.00
Buy Now at IWOOT

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