WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON May 19, 2011

UNO III Streetbike: The Motorcycle You Can Park In Your Flat

UNO III Streetbike

UNO III Streetbike

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The UNO III Streetbike is a zero-emission electric motorcycle that transforms into a gyro-stabilized dicycle, making it so compact, it can ride an elevator.

‘Leccy bike? Or Motortrike? Don’t much matter what you call it, cos what’s important here is it’ll get you from your bed to the boardroom Xavier-style. U-NO, via the drive-through coffee joint, natch.

UNO III Streetbike [In An Elevator]

Called the UNO III Streetbike, it automatically transforms itself from a compact, 2-wheeled, gyro-stabilized dicycle capable of riding the elevator and cruising around the office – to a full-blown, 3-wheeled urban street bike as your speed increases out on the road.

UNO III Streetbike [On The Road]

Equipped with a zero-emission electric motor, the U3 won’t gas your work/flatmates as you roll out some indoor wheelies – plus you can plug it into any domestic power socket to yield 30-35 miles of post work cruising after a 3-4 hour charge.

UNO III Streetbike [Folded/Unfolded]

Road-ready and environmentally friendly, the UNO III Streetbike is available now on pre-order from Firebox.com for $13,685 | £8,500 | €9605.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $13,685 | £8,500 | €9605
Buy Now at Firebox.com

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