WRITTEN BY Daniel Covarrubias ON June 14, 2011

Flip N Charge Candle is a Safe and Eco-Friendly Way to Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Flip N Charge Candle

Flip N Charge Candle

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The Flip N Charge Candle is a flameless, solar-powered item that adds intimacy to any atmosphere by giving off a natural, amber flicker for up to eight hours.

There are a lot of things that can help you make an evening more romantic: rose petals on the bed, a box of chocolates waiting on a soft, heart-shaped pillow, and even a violinist playing through dinner. But no matter what you do to create a romantic atmosphere, you know it’s the candles that really give an evening the intimate touch it requires.

But is it really worth burning the tips of your fingers to get those candles lit? And once they are lit, are you really going to feel safe leaving a small (but hazardous) flame lying around your living room?

The Flip N Charge Candle is here to ensure you get all the romanticism a candle can offer, WITHOUT having to worry about the risks of a fire hazard. Just set and forget! This flameless, solar-powered candle is flipped during the day to expose its rechargeable solar panels to sunlight, and once it’s fully charged, gives off a natural, amber flicker for up to eight hours.

Available at Taylor Gifts for only $24.98, the Flip N Charge Candle brings intimate (and eco-friendly) lighting night after night.


Where can I buy it?
Store: Taylor Gifts
Price: $24.98
Buy Now at Taylor Gifts

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