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FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger Gives You Power…Even If There’s No Available Outlet!

FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger

FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger

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The FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger is a convenient, portable USB charger that can leech power from lines that are already in use to charge any USB powered device.

Have you ever had to run up and down your house, trying to find a vacant power outlet to charge your iPhone before it dies? With so many appliances connected to only ONE power strip, you constantly need to rearrange every single connection just to try and squeeze your smartphone charger in.

Not anymore!

With the FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger, you can leech power from any outlet that’s already in use! The device’s swing-out power tab can rotate up to 270ยบ, making it easy to insert between the power plug of any US 100-240V device and the outlet.

FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger [Close Up]

This little fellow draws just enough electricity to charge (or power) pretty much any device that runs on USB up to 1000mA. It’s also only 2.35 x 1.30 x 0.67 inches, so it can be carried in any hand bag, backpack, or travel bag thanks to its lightness and durability.

FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger [In Use]

The FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger is available at ThinkGeek for only $13.99. Get yours today and stop worrying about finding an available outlet to charge your iPhone…forever!

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $13.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek

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