WRITTEN BY Justin Saglio ON June 30, 2011

Herman Miller Embody Chair May Be The World’s Best Seat

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair

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The Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed to increase your blood flow while improving breathing and posture to make you the master of your office.

When it comes to desk chairs, the Herman Miller Embody Chair is king. While its appearance looks edgy and futuristic, it’s actually designed to provide maximum comfort through an innovative support system.

Featuring a “pixelated” chair back, this premium seat promises to make you feel like you’re floating – positioning your body in a way that increases blood flow to the brain, while also decreasing your heart rate. Its narrow back provides unimpeded arm movement and offers constant lower back support whether you lean forward or recline.

Herman Miller Embody Chair [our spines as one]

If your posture switches, the Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed to change with it. Its back moves with your body, giving support to your spine at all times. Its seat edges flex, taking pressure off your legs and arms, and giving you unrestricted office workflow.

Herman Miller Embody Chair [commanding comfort]

The Embody Chair comes in a variety of different colors with various customizations including fabric options and choices of the metal for the base.

Herman Miller Embody Chair [posture perfect]

Providing innovation in both its looks and in its function, the Herman Miller Embody Chair is ready to take your workday comfort and productivity to a whole new level, and is available now from CSN Stores (AllModern.com) with FREE SHIPPING for $1,175.99.

Where can I buy it?
Store: CSN Stores
Price: $1,175.99
Buy Now at CSN Stores

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