WRITTEN BY Daniel Covarrubias ON June 23, 2011

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp Lets You Start Every Day With An Imperial Wake-up Call

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp

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The Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp features a digital alarm clock and speaker, as well as an aux input jack to dock your MP3 player and wake up to your own tunes.

Who could forget those evil (but iconic) soldiers from the Star Wars movies? Sure, they kept shooting (to kill) at Luke and his friends, but they were just doing their job!

Well, if you’re half the Star Wars fan I am, then you’re going to love the Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp!

Featuring an LED digital alarm clock and a built-in speaker, this lamp is a constant reminder of how cool all-white armor (complete with its inexpressive helmet) really is. You can even plug-in your MP3 player thanks to its aux input jack and wake up to your favorite tunes, or play whole records at anytime. *cueing up The White Album (cos obviously The Black Parade would be inappropriate)*

The lamp is approximately 11.5″  tall x 6″ across and requires a maximum 25 Watt bulb (E26 Type G). It is powered by a standard 120V plug, but also features a 3xAA battery backup – you know, for outages (batteries not included).

Available at X-treme Geek for $49.95, the Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp is the perfect way to start every single day by celebrating your love for Star Wars (and reaffirming your hate for the Empire!)

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock Lamp

Where can I buy it?
Store: X-treme Geek
Price: $49.95
Buy Now at X-treme Geek

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