WRITTEN BY Daniel Covarrubias ON July 20, 2011

Electronic BBQ Grill Brush Ensures Next Week’s Chicken Wings Don’t Taste Like Last Week’s Burgers.

Electronic BBQ Grill Brush

Electronic BBQ Grill Brush

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The Electronic BBQ Grill Brush is equipped with rotating brass bristles & a built-in stainless steel scraper to remove the sticky grime & residue from any grill.

Everybody loves a good BBQ! But, like most things in life, nobody likes to clean up the mess that’s left when the “fun part” is over.

When the party’s over, all you’re left with is a grimy, greasy grill that you’ll need to clean if you don’t want next week’s chicken wings to taste like last week’s burgers.

When all the baby back ribs are nothing but a pile of bones in the trash, and all your guests have fled to their own homes to rest their meat-packed stomachs – the Electronic BBQ Grill Brush will become your best friend!

Featuring an ergonomic handle to reduce wrist strain, this motorized brush is equipped with rotating brass bristles and a built-in stainless steel scraper – quickly removing the sticky grime and residue from any grill. Once your grill is grime-free, you can remove the brass brush for easy cleaning.

The Electronic BBQ Grill Brush requires 8 x AA batteries (not included), comes with an extra brass head, and is available at LatestBuy.com for $45.95.

Where can I buy it?
Store: LatestBuy.com
Price: $45.95
Buy Now at LatestBuy.com

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