WRITTEN BY Daniel Covarrubias ON July 8, 2011

Sun Jar Is Not An Actual Sunlight Container…But It’s Really Close!

Sun Jar

Sun Jar

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Sun Jar has a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery, and three low-energy LED lamps to provide a heart-warming orange glow when the sun goes down.

A hundred years ago, nobody thought that harnessing the power of the sun was even possible. These days, it’s all about how you can take sunlight and use it to power something else.

However, the Sun Jar can do more than just store sunlight to provide illumination — it can warm up the coldest hearts and bring smiles to the saddest faces.

Sun Jar [you are MY sunshine...]

Its highly efficient solar cell soaks up the sun’s energy into its rechargeable battery during the day. In just a few hours, the Sun Jar will have enough juice to light up its three low energy, warm-colored LED lamps to shine through the frosted glass and provide a nice, heart-warming orange glow.

The Sun Jar features a built-in light sensor that automatically releases the jar’s “sunlight” when it gets dark. This sensor also has an override switch to conserve power, so you don’t have to worry about wasting sunlight when there’s nobody around to actually enjoy it.

Sun Jar [Comes alive at night]

Use it as romantic lighting, as a nightlight for your child’s bedroom, or give it away to a friend as a “get well soon” gift.

The Sun Jar is a simple, yet effective way to brighten up your nights, and it’s available at LatestBuy.com for $44.95 | £28.90.

Where can I buy it?
Store: LatestBuy.com
Price: $44.95 | £28.90
Buy Now at LatestBuy.com

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