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V Rocker Video Gaming Chair: Wireless Speakers & Ergonomic Design For Hours Of Immersive Action.

V Rocker Video Gaming Chair

V Rocker Video Gaming Chair

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The V Rocker Video Gaming Chair features wireless audio transmission, built-in speakers and ergonomic support to help you enjoy games, music or movies.

Looking for a way to immerse yourself even deeper into your favorite video games? Wish there was a way to tune out every noise that keeps you from enjoying your games to their fullest?

Well, the V Rocker Video Gaming Chair is here to sit you even closer to the action.

This gaming chair features a wireless audio transmission system that lets you stay immersed in the action while playing your favorite video games, listening to your favorite music, or watching those action-packed DVDs you love so much!

The V Rocker features built-in speakers — installed and hidden within the chair’s shoulder — so you can enjoy the sound of your video games at full volume. However, a headphone jack is also included, just in case you want to keep all the action to yourself.

The chair also includes a side control panel that lets you adjust the volume, bass level, and band switch, and it provides input-output jacks conveniently located within inches of where you’re sitting.

Also playing back mp3s, CDs and DVDs, the V Rocker Video Gaming Chair is compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, GameBoy, Playstation 1, 2 & 3 and more.

The chair’s cover is made from a heavy-duty vinyl that’s easy to clean, and on the inside, a hardwood frame provides ergonomic full-back support. Its dual-layer, fire-retardant foam provides both comfort AND safety, and when not in use, the V Rocker folds in half, making it easy to carry around or store in the nearest closet.

The V Rocker Video Gaming Chair is a great way to supercharge your gaming experience and it’s available in red or blue (rated 4.5/5 stars from 20 customer reviews) at VideoGameChairs.com with FREE shipping for $132.98.

Where can I buy it?
Store: VideoGameChairs.com
Price: $132.98
Buy Now at VideoGameChairs.com

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