WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON October 24, 2011

Wood Tie Helps Put Your Love Of Timber Front And Center

Wood Tie

Wood Tie

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The Wood Tie is a lightweight and flexible necktie that's hand made from reclaimed redwood beams to help you put your love of timber on display.

Non-iron to the extreme…

Don’t know ’bout you, but up until this very moment I had yet to find a tie that even remotely reflected my personality. Well, maybe solid black. Anyways, thanks to this brand new, yet well-seasoned neckwear called the Wood Tie, you can now branch out beyond canary yellow and polka dots to proudly and unequivocally display your love of timber, your eco-enthusiasm, or your very down-to-earth nature…even when deep inside the corporate jungle.

Hand-made in the USA using reclaimed redwood beams from old barns, each Wood Tie naturally features its very own unique grain pattern and color variations. Also, due to the tie’s segmented design (comprising 11 neatly cut pieces on an elastic cord), the Wood Tie is lightweight and flexible and conforms to your body shape like cloth.

Sanded smooth for splinter-free wear and varnished for rain and coffee protection, the Wood Tie never needs washing, drying, ironing or tying and is available from Vat19 for $33.99. Sartorially extraordinary! Or as the eleventh Doctor would say…bow wood ties are COOL!

Where can I buy it?
Store: Vat19.com
Price: $33.99
Buy Now at Vat19.com

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