NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer

NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer

NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer provides 1-click ColorBox lightbox integration with NextGEN Gallery and loads scripts & styles only when a gallery shortcode is present.

Following on from the popularity of the NextGEN Gallery Optimizer plugin I released a few months back (20,000 downloads and counting), I’ve just launched…


NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer!!!

Providing one-click ColorBox lightbox integration with NextGEN Gallery, ColorBoxer, like Optimizer, also only loads the lightbox scripts and styles when a gallery shortcode is present, helping you speed up your site!

ColorBoxer ColorBox Lightbox Demo

It won’t optimize NextGEN Gallery’s scripts and styles however, that’s Optimizer’s job. But…if you’re crazy for ColorBox AND the speed boost from Optimizer…good news! You can use both plugins simultaneously! (just switch off Fancybox in Optimizer).

ColorBoxer’s installation is completely automatic (just click activate on the plugins page), and for tinkerers, you can fine-tune your ColorBox opacity (21 stops from 0 to 1) and transition effect (none | fade | elastic) on the settings page.

NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions…either in the comments below, via the contact page or on the support forums.

And finally, if you like the development so far, a good rating on would be much appreciated!

Download NextGEN Gallery ColorBoxer FREE from


– Mark.

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It’s really work!! and gallery makes more comfortable and pretty =)

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