Fujitsu parades color E-paper technology

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Fujitsu is showcasing two models of its e-paper in the Fujitsu Forum 2008 in Japan.

The models are 8″ and 12″ and weigh between 320 and 480 grams.

E-paper is a promising technology that is heading towards becoming a very versatile medium that is portable, flexible, lightweight and uses very little power. Eye strain is hardly an issue with e-paper as it uses reflected light instead of back-lighting like LCD or CRT displays. It uses about 1/100th the power of plasma and LCD displays when the image is changed.

Power is only used to change the display content, which makes e-paper very energy-efficient. The image is preserved even when the power is off. It does not flicker and can withstand large temperature variances making it suitable for outdoor use or harsh environments.

Some of the proposed uses for this technology include cash cards or commuter passes that display their remaining value, wraparound posters, billboards that don’t need changing and pricing signs that can be updated automatically.

The possibilities are endless.

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Interesting concept but is it going to take off? Only time will tell.

What an awesome article. I really enjoyed reading it

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