Google Map Service ignites EU privacy concerns


Google’s map service is causing the EU to be concerned about privacy issues.
The map service which has already put detailed, street-level images from the US on the Internet, will likely want to get a worldwide picture as it has already done with it’s more distant maps.

Street view offers 360-degree views at ground level of streets in 30 US cities.

European Union Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx works with the national authorities in Europe to define and set consistent rules on privacy protection. He said “Making pictures everywhere is certainly going to create some problems.”

Hustinx also said he was confident Google would take into account European law in any future introduction of the product.

The service has certainly been very controversial. Google has had numerous requests to remove images, from citizens concerned about their privacy to the Pentagon fearing a threat to security. Apart from this, the service has been very popular with drivers.

The service utilises civilian satellite maps, licensed from commercial mapping businesses.


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