LG creates round LCD displays

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We’re used to thinking of squares and rectangles when it comes to LCD displays. That’s not really surprising since that is what we’re used to seeing in nearly every HDTV or monitor.

LG is set to change all that with their new round LCD displays. Round LCDs make a lot more sense aesthetically in some applications than their cornered cousins – think about clocks, watches or instrument dials in your car for example. They could also be used in mobile phones or gaming devices, which the company says there is already a market for.

At the moment they are only very small, 6in for elliptical and 1.4in for circular-shaped LCDs, but the size will surely increase as the technology evolves.

Both types are capable of displaying 262,000 colours with a viewing angle of nearly 160 degrees.

You can see these displays at the upcoming 2008 Society for Information Display (SID) exhibition in Los Angeles (May 18 – 23) where LG will be showing this latest achievement.

Image credit: ubergizmo.com

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Im been looking at a new LCD TV for a while now and with so many brands out there, I didnt quite know who to go for, with this info on LG, ive got it clear in my mind now what brand I should go with. Thanks, Adam

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