Hydraulic Transmission Cuts Fuel Costs In Half

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Inventor Ernie Brookins has engineered a hydraulic transmission that is able to power vehicles without the need to have the engine running all the time.

The invention could be used on just about any vehicle and Brookins believes the invention could cut motorists’ fuel bills in half.

The hybrid drive system works by capturing, compressing and storing “wasted” drive-train energy. This energy is produced when a vehicle’s engine is running.

The compressed air pushes hydraulic fluid through a piston-driven torque converter that is capable of propelling a vehicle at highway speeds without the engine running, Brookins says.

An embedded computer system, once fully developed, would switch the vehicle’s power source automatically between engine and hybrid drive, though the engine will still have to run around 50 percent of the time.

“If we went out on the road, I could maintain 60 miles per hour with the engine turned off,” Brookins said.

Anything that uses diesel (fuel) or gas for power could utilise the invention. Cars, delivery trucks, school buses, postal vehicles, semi-trailers or even train locomotives would make good candidates.

Brookins said the invention can be available for commercial markets within six months of having investors and other funding sources that can provide the $250,000 needed to mass produce it.

If there is anyone out there interested in backing this breakthrough invention, Forum Business Editor Craig McEwen has contact with Ernie and can be reached at (701) 241-5502

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