Sony Sauntina NSA-PF1 Glass Speaker

Sony has announced that its brilliant, non-directional, glass-tube speaker prototype, the Sauntina NSA-PF1, will be put into production.

The Sauntina produces sound through vibrations as traditional speakers do, but in this ingenious design, it does so using a glass tube instead of paper and magnesium.

It features 360 degree sound that opens up new possibilities for speaker positioning. The design eliminates the need for more than one speaker if used as a centerpiece which would immerse the room in sound.

As well as the Sauntina’s technical achievements, it is also quite a display piece with the glass tube illuminated by a choice of colours: blue, amber or purple. A dimmer control is fitted in order to adjust adjust the brightness.

The remote is very sleek and uncluttered. Its buttons include power, sleep timer, analog/optical/coaxial selection, lighting colour, lighting dimmer, a normal/wide sound range toggle, bass control, treble control and volume adjuster.

The Sauntina glass speaker will measure 325x1845x325mm and weigh 12.5kg. It will have a frequency spectrum of 50-20,000Hz, and 85W power consumption.

Optical, Coaxial, Linear PCM and analog Line-in connectors are all included as well as a 13cm sub-woofer and 7cm medium speaker.

The speaker will be available in Japan from June 20th, priced at ¥1,050,000 (~$10,000).


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