New Panasonic HDC-SD100 and HDC-HS100 Camcorders

Panasonic has today announced its new HDC-SD100 and HDC-HS100 camcorders which claim to be the world’s first AVCHD camcorders to utilize the new 3MOS system for higher image and video quality.

The 3MOS system is said to have twice the sensitivity of Panasonic’s own 3CCD camcorders, delivering improved low-light recording abilities.

The two models differ by storage mediums. The HDC-SD100 records to, naturally, an SD Memory Card. The HDC-HS100 is a hybrid capable of recording to either SD memory or an internal 60GB hard drive.

These 1080i AVCHD camcorders have 12x optical zoom, HDMI-out, 5.1 surround mic and improved optical image stabilization.

The camcorders are expected to be released in Japan on July 12 at will fetch ¥130,000 / $1,205 for the SD100 and ¥150,000 / $1,390 for the HS100.

Panasonic English Press Release


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