Realistic 3D Holographic Display: Don’t Touch Or You’ll Lose A Hand

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A group of geniuses over at USC have come up with a remarkably realistic 3D holographic display. The objects look so real on the video (below) you just want to reach out and touch them, but there’s a reason they’re behind glass.

The 3D holographic effect is achieved using mirrors which spin at high speed. They reflect rapid DLP projections which fire almost 5,000 images each second, creating a three-dimensional object that can be manipulated in real-time at 200Hz.

The generated images can be produced in color and can be viewed from any angle, even from above. Also, the effect can be seen with the naked eye, so you can enjoy the technology without wearing uncomfortable trick glasses.

This is perhaps the most realistic 3D holographic display to date, but is one you’ll have to appreciate from a distance I’m afraid.

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