VMJ Creates World’s Largest 3D Display

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VMJ, in partnership with Sharp, has created the world’s largest 3D display which measures a huge 65-inches and also creates the world’s highest-resolution 3D stereoscopic images.

The display features 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 120-degree viewing angle, a 6-millisecond refresh rate and includes both DVI and RGB inputs.

No special 3D effect glasses are required with this set thanks to Parallax Barrier viewing technology created by Sharp. The set sends two unique images to each eye to create the effect.

The set is expected to be widely used in airports and shopping centres as eye-catching advertising displays.

The dimensions of the set are 572 × 126 × 923mm and weighs around 65kg without the stand.

The set will cost ¥3.15 million / ~$30,000 and will be released in Japan at the end of June.


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