Toshiba MK1617GSG – 1.8″ 160GB Disk Is A World First

Toshiba has just announced their new dual-platter 160GB 1.8-inch SATA disk which spins at 5400RPM – a world first.

The interface speed has been increased to 1.5Gbps, internal maximum data transfer rate is up 17% and power consumption shows a 25% improvement over Toshiba’s current 120GB model. The drive is also lighter at only 60g.

The growth in sub-notebook demand has increased competition in 1.8-inch HDDs with consumers expecting the same level of storage and performance as bigger notebooks or even desktops.

The drive is still too big, however, to fit in ultra-thin laptops like Apple’s MacBook Air or Voodoo’s Envy 133.

The drive will enter production in August.



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