Casio Unveils New LCD: No Backlighting Required Outdoors

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Casio has unveiled its latest transmissive LCD technology that takes in so much surrounding light that it does not require any backlighting when used outdoors, cutting power consumption by 50 percent.

The display absorbs surrounding light which is then reflected out through the LCD, illuminating the display. Existing semi-transmissive displays have been too inefficient to offer many advantages.

The technology could be incorporated into widespread portable devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras, yet strangely, the company does not seem to want to go in that direction. They will be aiming the displays (at least initially) towards industrial mobile devices.

The new display also performs indoors, achieving 200cd/m2 of brightness on a 3.5-inch panel with only 200mW, which means a power reduction of 50 percent indoors or outdoors over existing models.

Lets hope Casio sees sense and starts offering these gems in consumer gadgets.

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