The Kegstand: College Parties Will Never Be The Same

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Michael Roller has developed a device that is set to make life a whole lot easier for college students. Introducing, The Kegstand, a muti-function keg container that makes the transporting and cooling of kegs a snap.

The Kegstand consists of two units (see picture below), a small base that you sit your keg on and a plastic housing that slides over the top and buckles down. The housing leaves room around the sides to fill with ice and includes a plug for easy drainage once the ice has melted.

The device puts an end to lifting 15.5 gallons of beer into your trashcan to keep it cool and having rubbish accumulate because there’s no where to put it.

It includes a cap display so everyone knows what beer they’re drinking plus a cup dispenser to help ease the queues and get everyone wasted faster. After all, isn’t that what a college party is all about?

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