Freecom Mobile Drive XXS: World’s Smallest, Lightest 2.5" External HDD

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Freecom has announced their new Mobile Drive XXS which takes the title of both the world’s smallest and lightest 2.5-inch external USB 2.0 hard disk drive. It weighs just 155g and is 27% smaller than its nearest competitor.

The sleek casing is covered in a form-fitting rubber sleeve to help prevent the drive slipping from your fingers and features a native, bus-powered USB connection to reduce its size and cable clutter (no power adapters required).

With storage of up to 320GB, it is a long way from Seagate’s recent 1.5TB drive, but will be more than enough storage for most of us and at a very reasonable price.

The drive is available now and will set you back $93/£47/€60/ for the 160GB, $120/£60/€75/ for the 250GB and $143/£72/€90 for the top 320GB model.



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