Ichikoh Unveils LED Headlamps That Move Independently: Lazy Eye For Cars.

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Ichikoh Industries has unveiled a new swivel LED adaptive front lighting system (AFS) that can control the left and right headlamps independently. The system can light your path ahead of a curve, light both sides of the road in city driving and illuminate guardrails for safer driving when visibility is poor.

The new headlamp design is comprised of two fixed units and one swivel unit, all of which have white LEDs installed. The swivel unit is controlled by a small motor and responds to a variety of conditions including weather, highway driving and curve driving.

The swivel even helps with straight lane driving, adjusting itself slightly upwards to increase the range of visibility.

The headlamp is efficient too, using just 35W to 40W, which is similar to low-power High Intensity Discharge (HID) systems, offering a similar 12,000 lumens.

This is a great advancement in headlamp technology that is bound to improve visibility in all driving conditions. Just don’t blind people on the sidewalk, k?



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