NASA Astronaut Reveals Alien Coverup: 60 Years Of Conspiracy.

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Dr Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and record holder for the longest ever moon walk has claimed that aliens made numerous visits to Earth during his career with NASA, but that each one was carefully covered up.

Mitchell (pictured below) described the creatures as ‘little people who look strange to us’ and that they look similar to the traditional image of aliens like E.T. with large eyes and a small frame.

Such a highly accomplished man who is privy to sensitive information may give credence to the alien coverup conspiracy. He claims that information about the coverup has slowly leaked out and that he has been privileged to be briefed on some of it.

Mitchell, who is now 77, has said that our technology is “not nearly as sophisticated” as theirs and that “had they been hostile”, we wouldn’t be around anymore.

Dr Mitchell broke his silence on Kerrang! radio and said “This is really starting to open up. I think we’re headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction.”

A NASA spokesman played down the comments in a statement which said, “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. They added, “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.”

Is this man for real? Or was he on the moon too long? Have your say in the comments.

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its all coming out now, you can only keep things secret for so long, what is nasa going to do? kill him?

I think this is very interesting.

It is always hard to believe something as fantastic as visitations by aliens if you have not observed them yourself. But there are already man-made devices running around our solar system, so it is only a little bit of a leap to imagine such technology that would allow visitors from elsewhere, at least from within a few light years of Earth, or from the future, wherever.

If astronauts say they have seen them, my eyebrows raise a bit, but I am inclined to believe them. I have heard similar stories from military officers and others who seem very credible, and they have more to lose than to gain by lying.

If corporate or government executives deny covering things up — I laugh. The tobacco industry denied their sins for decades. The stealth machines were covered up for decades. The petrochemical industry lies through their teeth, and the Bush/Cheney cover-up is still in progress. Sure it’s crazy to believe in wild conspiracies, but in the end some turn out to be true. It was the cover-up of Monica that was Clinton’s problem — not the act.

Yet, I would still like to see these aliens with my own eyes. I promise I won’t join a weird religion, jump out of a window, or anything. And I won’t make fun of NASA, or take away their funding — I promise.


Interesting comment dd.

I think you were spot on about Mitchell having more to lose than to gain from this uncovering.

If this goes nowhere, his reputation and credibility will be tarnished and he will go down in history as the hero who went nuts. No one needs that.

I wonder what percentage of conspiracies remain hidden. Everything does seem to surface eventually, but we can’t account for the ones we don’t know about.

Some people think that we are the only ones in outer space. That kind can’t see three inches past their face. The universe is unending having millions of planets all over. We can’t possible be the only ones in the universe. I strongly believe that not only there are other beings on other planets but some are more advanced in technology and others might not be. I think they visit us on a regular basses. I hope they can stop us from destroying ourselves with nuclear bombs.

What a shame to see a brilliant man become delusional. There have been no alien visits, there is no cover-up. The U.S. government couldn’t keep the A-Bomb secret for 10 minutes. Secret wars, secret attempts to kill Castro–that we know about them shows that the government can’t keep a secret. If the alien story was true there would have been definitive news long ago. The government also has no reason to keep such a thing secret. If the government thought aliens had landed they would confirm asap and immediately inform the country and the world.

Two strange incidences;
When I was in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, getting out of my car I happened to look up in the sky and I saw light blue round objects in the sky flying in a V formation with no sound and then turned up and out of sight. This was definitely a UFO. I have never seen anything like it again.
My brother was flying as captain on a commercial aircraft, he was one of three crew dead heading back when looking out the window he saw a cigar shaped flying object following along side his aircraft. It looked like they were having fun with his aircraft. He called the tower to see if the UFO was on radar and nothing found. He had never seen anything like this ever. This incident was witnessed by the two other crewmembers.

It is beyond obvious that we have been visited. A simple glance at human history can put any doubt to rest. Ancient carvings and artwork clearly depicting flying machines with “beings” in them are the first clue. Humans weren’t flying at the time so what was being presented in the artwork?
Has anyone seen the fresco from the 1400’s that shows a “being” in a ship working controls and looking over his shoulder at another ship with a being in it, chasing him!? Absolutely remarkable, oh, and we weren’t flying then either.
As for the post by davoud, I couldn’t agree with you more, the government could never keep a secret like this ,not a chance. That’s why all the information is out there, never kept a secret, along with massive amounts of fantasy and disinformation making it imposible to separate what is real from what is not. There is a clear pattern in the works. We are being prepared for full disclosure, that much is absolutely undeniable.
More and more planets discovered, “soft” discoveries like water on Mars and the potential for life there, the Catholic church announcing to it’s flock that aliens wouldn’t be inconsistent with the religion as a whole. An admission here, a revelation there, hollywood involvement with uncounted realistic alien portrayals. Slow and deliberate preparation for something that is coming. It’s all being done incrementally so there won’t be a huge shock. I am by no means a conspiracy theorist. I simply believe that there is an event, something that is known and is going to occur in the near future, perhaps 2012, or not, I’m not clear on the when but whatever it is, it will involve the “visitors” and that’s why we’re being prepared. I think it’s been in the works for centuries but our Governments have only known for a few decades and are going about the best way they know how to prepare us. Edgar Mitchell isn’t crazy, niether was Gordon Cooper when he testified before the U.N. or for that matter (whatever your politics) Ronald Reagan wasn’t crazy when he made his statements before the U.N. (google Ronald Reagan, U.N. aliens). He was softly trying to prepare and plant the seed even then. I expect we will know fairly soon. I just hope and pray it hasn’t been kept a secret this long because the truth is too terrifying to face, I doubt the simple existence of aliens would frighten many.

I am not at all surprised. I always felt that if we are her, why believe we are the only life form in the universe? Not only that, but the weeknd of July 4th, I was flying back to NY from SC, and was looking out the eindow as I always do, I saw out of the clouds a silver disc shaped craft. There is no question in my mind about what it was. It was very obvious. That was all the confirmation I have ever needed. I felt a sense of peace, and happiness, because I know once and for all that what I knew in my heart is true. For me, that was all the disclosure I needed. We are not alone. Open your eyes, and minds!

The fact of the matter is that the U.F.O information is no secret; most people know it’s a fact that UFO’s are for real. Many people have seen them close-up and at a distance, reports come-in all the time. Th UFO’s don’t even try to hide their identity. The only thing is that the U.S. Government will not admit that the UFO’s are real. It’s like a husband going out on his wife. Most everybody knows what is going on even the wife and their talking about-it amongst themselves except the wife. Think of the wife as the U.S. Government pertaining to UFO’s.

I know they are real. We look to the sky and we all know deep inside that something is watching. Just as some people know god is real.. no one has seen him but people just know. As a kid i used to sit outside my house and watch the storms roll by. One night i see a storm in the distance and i just stare cause its only lightining. The clouds looked a bit odd but i kept watching. I ran inside to check the news to see how bad the storm would be and saw it was going to be bad. I went back out and watch and in the corner of my eye i see this orange ball slowly come from the cloud and and sit just under the cloud. I blink look away and rub my eyes cause this orange ball is just sitting there not making a sound or moving. It was there for about a minute and then very slowly fades back into the clouds and is gone. The storm clears up within minutes and the meteorologist end up saying that the storm just vanished. I know that what i saw was just watching up. Look up greatest nasa cover up on youtube.. They harvest our lightining.

fuck nasa’s bullshit
if aliens exist then they should tell us
because that’d be sweet as fuck to chill with an alien

A person could entertain the thought that we have been seeded on this earth. Remember, the test tube baby that was seeded in a test tube. God started life and the rest was left to develop on its own. I think that is why the theory of evolution might come into play. We could also entertain the thought we all started somewhere and then seeded on a special planet called earth to observe our development. This would explain God, the evolution theory and the creation of an intelligent being, as debated on many religious programs.

following your blog, great stuff!

I am very delighted to find out that there’s actually some excellent content to find online. I have gotten so used to google sending me junk.

I live in outback NT OZ,see all kinds of ufo’s all the time,anything to do with the base at alice springs i wonder?

This is all true. In 1997 a man, who worked in Area 51, went on the radio and said there were lots of Aliens visiting Earth – especially to Area 51. He said that the Aliens were “infiltrating” the bases and that the Government knew something was coming. The transmission was lost after about 20 seconds and the man dissapeared – probably executed. He said that the Government knew that in 10-20 years the Aliens would attack the major cities but that he wanted it like that so it would be easier to control. NASA has a lot of money (about 16 billion a year) and what I’m saying is NASA has the money to do anything – so, a great cover up and maybe an execution wouldn’t be hard! They probably won’t kill him though as he’s too well known and people would know NASA killed him as they’d trace it all back to these stories!

really enjoyed the article and the comments……well….history itself is a great cover up….. 🙂

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