US Army Funds Variable Speed Gun: Set To Kill Or Set To Stun

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The U.S. Army has contracted the most unlikely of companies to make its latest weaponry, a U.S. toy manufacturer. The L.L.C. called Lund and Company makes patented hydrogen-powered toy rockets which have inspired the idea for a Variable Velocity Weapon System (VWS). The system is reminiscent of a Star Trek phaser with its stun/kill settings.

The aim is to produce a weapon that can be used in all kinds of conflicts from battlefield to crowd control. It could be armed with rubber bullets to deliver bruises or lethal rounds to deliver death.

The system functions by mixing air with a gaseous or liquid fuel in a combustion chamber positioned behind the bullet. The mixture determines the velocity of the bullet which can range from a weak, non-lethal shot from just 10 meters away to a powerful, deadly shot at over 100 meters.

This new method of propelling a bullet may someday become standard in many guns. It produces less light and heat and can be made lighter than traditional guns. The system can also be scaled to suit a gun of any size.

According to Lund and Company, a demonstration version could be ready in as little as six months and could go into production within 18 months of gaining approval.

Lund and Company


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