Golden Shellback Invisible Coating: Protects iPhone From Bodily Fluids, Water.

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A new waterproofing solution has emerged from a company called Golden Shellback which promises to protect your shiny new iPhone 3G or other gadgets from all sorts of liquids and contaminates. It manages this while remaining completely invisible and without impacting usability.

Ideal for those who appreciate the iPhone 3Gs easy access to adult services or those terrified of getting their little gem anywhere near water, this coating covers all the inner and outer components and does such a good job that your gadget can even be used underwater (see video below).

The coating is applied in a vacuum and can be applied to virtually anything. It will also protect against oils, synthetic fluids, dust and dirt.

Pricing is expected to be between US$50-US$75 depending on the size of your gadget. No word on release date or distribution but we will probably have to mail our gizmos in for the company to apply the coating.

Golden Shellback

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That is undoubtedly the coolest thing I’ve seen all year!!

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