Peugeot M-Please-V: Don’t Ride With Your Enemies

The M-Please-V (don’t ask), is an eco car that was designed for the Peugeot Design Contest. It seats up to nine passengers and features fully-open sides to maximize their “exposure to the outside environment”. If by ‘outside environment’ they mean coarse pavement passing by at rapid speed, I guarantee you’ll feel exposure and more should you fall or be pushed over the flimsy side rail.

The MPV acronym would more aptly stand for Maximum Pain Vehicle as opposed to its ridiculously long Multi-Purpose-lightweight-economic-and-simplistic-electric-Vehicle. It is powered by batteries stored under the cabin to maximize internal space, which is crucial as it’s designed to be used for public transport. It is also designed so that the interior can be hosed down to get rid of all the dirt, sand or mud that will inevitably enter the cabin of this open design.

If it ever goes into production and you find yourself in one, keep your eye on that guy behind you.

Via: The Design Blog


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