Sharp: Solar Powered LCD TV For Third World

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Sharp will be showcasing its new 26-inch solar powered LCD TV at the G8 (Hokkaido Toyako) summit which begins Monday. The set is designed for the third world where access to electricity is scarce but could also be used in the first world to cut energy use.

The 26-inch set is stylish and very modern with a thickness of just 20mm. It has a 10000:1 contrast ratio and consumes 30% less power than its low-power rivals, enabling it to be powered solely by an accompanying 26-inch solar panel.

Though designed for people earning less than $2 a day, it doesn’t seem like the cost of such a high-tech unit would be within their reach. Even if supplied through a charity organization, the price would need to be very low to supply the estimated 1.6 billion people below the poverty line.

Anyway, it’s an interesting development and quite an achievement that may prove popular in developed countries also.

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