Nissan’s Nav System Mod: Follow Other Cars, Track People.

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Nissan have been demonstrating their ‘Sky Project’ navigation system in Japan that creates a two-way link between your car’s Satellite Navigation unit and a friend via a modified cell phone. The friend can be in motion, either in a car or on foot and the system will give verbal directions to help you find them.

The system uses Bluetooth technology and allows your friend to see just how far away you are, using a map displayed on their cell phone.

Casting all the inevitable privacy concerns aside, this technology could be very helpful. You could use this tracking whilst on a two-car road trip so you don’t lose each other or you could easily meet up with a friend or child who’s gotten lost. This system could avoid the need for a designated meeting place altogether so that neither party is left waiting around.

Check out the video below to see the system in action. It goes on to talk about other advances Nissan have made recently in lane departure warning signals also.

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