Video: London’s Incredible Rolling Bridge

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The genious Rolling Bridge is an award-winning design by Thomas Heatherwick, installed over the Grand Union Canal in London. It looks like a regular canal footbridge whilst horizontal, but curls up like a grub when boats need to pass.

Fixed only on one side of the bank, the bridge stretches 12 meters and is made up of 8 timber and steel sections. These sections are attached to hydraulics which curl the structure into a circle.

I have one complaint and I’ll make it brief. The Rolling Bridge, just like every opening bridge in London, is too freakin’ slow. I know it fits with the whole relaxed boating life thing but come on people, our attention levels just aren’t what they used to be. Raise your hand if you watched the video (below) till the end?

Heatherwick Studio
Via: TecheBlog and Deputy Dog


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