Samsung’s Credit Card-Sized Hard Drive Is Revealed

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A new hard drive by Samsung has shown up in China that is so small it will fit in your wallet. The credit card-sized drive only holds 20GB of data, but at a price of only US$45, who’s complaining?

Called the Black Edition Q Series, it comes with a little picture of a hard disk platter printed on the case to remind you and constantly amaze you with what’s inside the tiny package. Apparently the drive was previously available with a 40GB capacity, but due to pricing, did not sell well. Samsung responded by halving the capacity and slashing the price.

The drive connects and is powered via a USB port and uses the same 1.8-inch form factor as the MacBook Air HDD and media players such as hard drive based iPods. Power draw is a tiny 1.4 watts max and drive thickness is a mere 6mm.

No word on what damage it might cause to your real credit cards with its magnets (it’s not an SSD), but you can pick up some benchmark stats for drive performance over at Beto.

Beto (translated) via Gadget Lab


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